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Relationship abuse can happen to anyone, but recent research shows it is most common in younger age groups, with young women at particularly high risk.

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It is common to only associate relationship abuse with violence or sexual coercion.

But there are other forms of abuse that can have significant emotional and psychological impact.

So what does abuse look like?

In a healthy relationship, both people should feel loved, safe and respected.

Fear, intimidation, manipulation or controlling behaviour should not be part of the equation.

Checking a girlfriend’s or boyfriend’s phone without consent, scaring them into getting your way, getting angry when they spend time with other people, monitoring their daily activities or what they wear, calling them names, threatening to spread rumours or tell their secrets, hitting, slapping or pushing them, forcing them into sexual acts, including showing naked pictures of them against their will, are all examples of abuse and are unacceptable.

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Want to learn more about relationship abuse? Try Disrespect NoBody or GOV.UK


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